Game Development

Inspire as we were once inspired

We are a group of game developers still believing. Always striving to create unique and personal experiences, conveying our passions, influences, and stories. We believe every medium offers unique opportunities, that is why we develop games for home consoles, PCs, and mobile devices.

Our Games and Experiences


An exploration Hack-N'-Slash game in a 3D-Impressionist world, with a story that combines elements of Japanese mythology, game development, and the relationship between siblings.


Join Luli and Gabo in their app! Watch the animated shorts, play minigames, and collect stickers. Luli and Gabo's adventures help children and their parents understand the most common accidents at home and how to prevent them.

Terre Adelie

This sensory experience is the prologue of our creations in Cosmogonia. As a player, you're in the dark, deprived of light, no image appearing on the screen. You will have to find your way using only sound, helped by a paper map and a flashlight on your hands, exactly as you would do in a treasure hunt.