Bringing Virtual Worlds Alive

We are Cosmogonia, a studio specialized on game development, interactive entertainment, virtual and augmented Reality (VR / AR), and art content creation services with a culturally aligned pipeline and friendly time zone. Comprised of seasoned and talented individuals with know how in both technical and artistic fields, the team has experience working in game development and interactive media projects ranging from mobile interactive applications to full-fledged games for home consoles. Our goal is to provide our audience and clients in the VR, AR, console and mobile space with high quality interactive experiences and world class content.

Project Showcase

Low-Poly, VR/AR Ready, 3D Models for Google's Poly Launch

Whether your VR/AR project needs a 3D model of an octopus, a cheeseburger or a volcano, Google's Poly has your back. Cosmogonia collaborated with Google to create hundreds of 3D assets for the launch of the Poly platform. Best of all, all the assets are free to download! Learn more at